R.1.                No weapon shall be pointed at any person at any time


R.2.                Rifle breaches will be open, pistol magazines will be removed and chambers will be empty when weapons are removed from their containers, except when actually being used.


R.3.                      Weapons will always be kept pointing down the range when shooting is in progress.


R.4a.                   No person will remove ammunition from the range unless authorized to do so by means of a current Firearms Certificate which permits them to purchase and hold ammunition.


R.4b.                  Range Officers will be allowed to remove ammunition or weapons with authorization to do so by means of a current Firearms Certificate and with the permission of the Chief Officer of Police.


R.5.                No cartridge weapon of greater calibre than .22LR will be used on the club range, unless by virtue of Black Powder Pistols no greater than .36 calibre.


R.6.                      Priority shall be given to anyone shooting a match target. Members must enter their initials on the detail board before they commence shooting.


R.7.                      No one shall go beyond the firing point in the direction of the butts when shooting is in progress.

R.8.                      No one will enter or leave the firing point when shooting is in progress.


R.9.                Children under 13 years will not be allowed on the range or in the club building. Children 13 years and over will be allowed in the club room and the range only if accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.


R.10.              No credit will be allowed for purchases of ammunition, equipment or competition entry fees.


R.11.                  The range will be open for shooting as follows:-


                                Rifle: 8pm to 10pm on Wednesdays and Fridays.


                                Pistol: 8pm to 10pm on Mondays and Thursdays.


                                The range can be used on Sundays from 10am to 1pm for rifle shooting provided prior arrangements are made with a committee member who will be in attendance during this period. Club weapons will not be brought to the range on Sundays.

Regulations & By-Laws