Equipment for Sale Conditions:

This page is for members to advertise shooting equipment and accessories within the club or to the wider shooting community.

Chester City R&PC will not take any responsibility, commission, liability for the condition of the goods, or enter into any negotiation in the transactions between the seller and buyer.

If you wish to sell shooting equipment or accessories on this page please follow the following guidance:


1.    E/mail the site by using the following link stating what you want to sell you may wish to include a photograph to be included please attach.

2.    no personal information will be displayed with your advert

3.    you item will be given a reference number: e.g.“CC0123”


1.    If you see an item on the web site you are interested in by using the following link quote the reference number: e.g. “CC0123” in your e/mail. Your email will be forwarded on to the seller.   

The Club will not enter into negotiations between Sellers and Buyer as this is a private transaction between the two parties.

Sellers are asked to advise the site that they have sold their goods and they will be removed. If an enquiry is made the advert will remain on the site for 1 month unless advised by the seller that it has not sold. If there are no enquires against goods advertised they will remain on the site for 6 months before removal.



Equipment for Sale