Club Name:        CHESTER CITY RIFLE and PISTOL CLUB to be referred to as “The Club”



Address:              The Castle Range, Chester “The Range”



Affiliation:          The club shall be affiliated to the NATIONAL SMALLBORE RIFLE ASSOCIATION and any other association which the committee consider necessary to further competitive shooting for the members.



Objectives:         The object of the club is to encourage the acquisition of skill in rifle and pistol shooting and to promote this end by providing facilities for competitive shooting in the following disciplines: .22LR Rifle; Black Powder Pistol; Air Rifle and Air Pistol, by entering teams and encouragement of individuals to enter team and individual events and competitions.



The Range:         The range is only open for shooting at the times specified in the rules made by the committee regarding the use of the range.



Approval:            The club shall seek and maintain approval of Secretary of State under section 15 Firearms (Amendment) Act 1988, and make notification to any changes affecting the club to The Secretary of State and the Chief Officer of Police:-


a)      The club loses its range, or intends to use an alternative or additional range; or

b)      There is a change of club secretary; or

c)       The club wishes to change its name.



Officials:              The club shall be managed by a President, Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer and committee of eleven to be elected annually.



Committee:       The committee of eleven shall include a Rifle Captain a Pistol Captain. The positions of Secretary and Treasurer need not be necessarily held by committee members in this event they will be entitled to attend committee meetings and submit proposals in their capacities of Secretary and Treasurer but will not have a vote unless they are committee members.



Co-opting:          The committee may co-opt to fill vacancies occurring during the year, such co-opted members will remain committee members until the next Annual General Meeting.




Meetings:           Five members will form a quorum at committee meetings. The Secretary may convene meetings as and when necessary by giving seven days notice. 



Membership:    Applications for membership shall be made to the Secretary on the prescribed form. Such applications will be considered by the committee after the applicant has served a minimum period of six months probation. Members of other clubs who want to join need not serve the probationary period providing they can prove their membership and supply the name and address of their previous club secretary. The final decision in all cases will be made by the committee at the next meeting following the completion of probationary period the club reserves the right to defer a decision until a later committee meeting.



Age Limit:           Joining age of members will be subject to Statutory Powers at the time of application and may be amended from time to time without returning to the committee for ratification.


a)      Under 14 years. Firearms may be used under the supervision of an adult on the range where permission has been granted to shoot.

b)      Under 17 years. Firearms may be used without supervision on the grant of the appropriate certificate, appropriate parental/guardian endorsement and permission to shoot. Firearms and ammunition may be received as a gift only.

c)       Over 17 years. Firearms may be used without supervision; firearms and ammunition may be purchased and hired.

d)      Persons under 14 years will be allowed to make an application for membership under the following provision that it is less than six months before they are 14 years of age and they are accompanied by a parent or guardian who holds a full valid Fire Arms Certificate and is a full member of the club at the time of application. 



Subscriptions:   The subscription for the year shall be determined by the members at the AGM. Subscriptions shall be payable in advance of the 1st June in each year. Members who intend to renew their membership shall be entitled to use the range until the 30th June in each subscription year. Subscriptions paid after that date by continuing members shall be subject to 25% surcharge. Any member who has not paid the subscription by the 1st September shall be deemed to have ceased to be a member and the Chief Officer of Police notified that their membership has not been renewed.


a)      New members will be required to pay an entrance fee of an amount determined by the committee. This will not exceed 50% of annual subscription fee.

b)      Members under the age of 18 years on the 1st June shall be deemed to be juniors and shall pay an annual subscription of one half the normal subscription fees.

c)       Senior citizens (OAP) shall pay an annual subscription of one half the normal subscription fees.

d)      Persons with a registered disability shall pay an annual subscription of one half the normal subscription fees.

e)      Partners and married couples shall be entitled to a joint membership fee at one and one half times the single person’s rate.

f)       A single parent and one child over 18 shall be entitled to a joint membership fee at one and one half times the single person’s rate.



Conduct:              The committee may terminate the membership of any member whose conduct on the range or on any premises occupied by the club or elsewhere is unseemly, objectionable or calculated to bring the club into disrepute and that member shall have no claim for any subscription already paid. However, no such decision to terminate membership shall be made unless 14 days notice in writing of the proposal shall have been sent to the last known address of the member, setting out briefly the reason for the proposal and inviting the person to appear before the committee and show cause why the membership should not be terminated. If termination of membership is upheld, notification to the Chief Officer of Police will be made within 14 days that the person is no longer a member of the club and has no use of the facilities.



Monies:               any officer or member of the club receiving monies on behalf of the club shall enter the amounts and details in the book provided for the rifle and pistol boxes.



AGM:                    The Annual General Meeting “AGM” will be held as soon as possible after the end of each calendar year but in any case no later than three months after the end of the club’s financial year which will commence on the 1st January.


                                At the AGM the following business will be conducted:-


a)      Receive the reports of:                 The Hon. Secretary,

                                                                                          The Hon. Treasurer,

                                                                                          The Rifle Captain,

                                                                                          The Pistol Captain,

                                                                                          The Carbine Captain,



b)      A balance sheet of accounts will be presented together with an auditor’s report certifying the accounts as a true and accurate record.


c)       Election of officials and committee members for the next club year.


d)      During any other business proposal to alter the club constitution or amend, revise the club rules and regulations will be discussed and voted on as necessary. Any proposal under this clause will be submitted to the Hon. Secretary, in writing, 14 days before the date of the meeting. It will be displayed on the club notice board for 7 days before the meeting. Any decision to alter the constitution, rules and regulations must be passed by a majority of two thirds of the members present. Upon receipt of a proposal seconded by at least one fifth of the membership that an Extraordinary General Meeting “EOM” shall take place the Secretary shall place a notice on the club notice board at least 14 days before the date of the meeting giving details of the time, date and venue. At least 7 days before the meeting the Secretary shall place a notice on the club notice board details of the nature of the meeting and set forth the proposal or proposals and give the names of the proposer and seconder. Any notice of meetings shall be deemed to be duly given to members by placing notice of such in writing on the club notice board. One fifth of total club membership shall constitute a quorum at an AGM or EOM.



Accounts:            The appointed auditor shall examine the accounts at least once annually and append thereto a certificate to the effect that such are correct and fairly represent the expenditure and receipts of the club.



Club Debts:        The club shall pay accounts and incur any normal liabilities on behalf of the club. The committee and officers are hereby indemnified by the club against any claim or demand in respect of any liability properly and bona-fide incurred on behalf of the club.



Bye-Laws &

Regulations:      The committee shall make Bye-Laws and Regulations in regard to the use of the range during club hours, and shall draw up the conditions of all club competitions.


                                Any Bye-Law or Regulation made shall be published on the club notice board in the form of minutes of a club meeting, and shall thereafter have all force of these rules.


                                The minutes of all committee meetings will be published on the club notice board. It will be deemed that members are aware of any alterations or addition to the Rules and Regulations after a period of 14 days has elapsed from the time such notice is published on the club notice board.



Club Property:  All property of the club shall be vested in the committee for the time being.



Dissolution:       Upon due notice of a proposal to terminate the club having been given, an EOM, with due notice will be held. A majority of two thirds of the members present may terminate the existence of the club.


a)      In this event the officers of the club may dispose of the club’s assets by selling all club property, and discharge any outstanding club debts or monies owed to creditors. The remainder of the proceeds will then be divided among the members according to their length of membership or;


b)      Always providing that if, for any reason, i.e. by virtue of the range being no longer being available, the club can no longer function in accordance with the objectives explained in “Clause C.4.” of the constitution, then if one half of the membership present at the meeting the committee shall be entitled to hold the club assets for not more than one year during which time subscriptions will not be payable but membership shall be deemed to continue.


Either before or at the end of such period of time a General Meeting of the club will be held. Members will be advised of this by letter to their last known address at least 7 days in advance of such a meeting. At this meeting the question of reviving the activities of the club shall be considered, particularly bearing in mind the availability or range premises. Any proposal shall require a two thirds majority of the members present at the meeting for their passage. In the event that it is decided to wind up the club the committee shall dispose of the club’s assets by selling all club property, and discharge any outstanding club debts or monies owed to creditors. The remainder of the proceeds will then be divided among the members according to their length of membership Should a member’s share of the assets not have been claimed within 6 months of the clubs winding up then the committee are empowered to donate them to a charity of their choice. A share of the assets may be by cheque posted to a members last known address.



Ratified by the Members at the AGM 1 July 2010